Ooak Finder

What's this?

Important notice (26/11/2023): A user has reported issues using Ooak Finder with Etsy. After investigating, it came out that Etsy is currently making it impossible to retrieve its products' pages without JavaScript enabled. I'm working to solve this issue. Thank you for your comprehension.

It's a meta-tool to help you find if a product is truly unique. To do that, it gets the product's images and gives you some links to perform a reverse image search with Google Lens, Bing Visual Search, and TinEye (btw I'm not affiliated with any of these services or Etsy).

It's nothing breakthrough, but I hope it will help you do your searches with a little more comfort than the old "let's copy/save/get the links of all the images and paste them here and there".

Why did you build such a thing?

Because I'm fed up to see plenty of "handmade" products mass-produced somewhere for pennies and sold as "original one-of-a-kind artisan products made with care". They aren't and shouldn't be sold as such. This tool helps you spot them a little easier than before, and it's easy enough to be used by your mom too!

Also, there's another interesting use. If you are one of those people that actually creates beautiful and unique crafts and arts (thank you for that!), this tool could help you spot plagiarism easier and take appropriate decisions on what to do.

But how does it work?

The simple explanation is: you paste the URL of a product's page in the form and get the links to check the images. Or you can prepend ooakfinder.com/ (mind the ending slash) to any product's page, getting the same result in a single step!

The still simple but more for the technically inclined explanation is that inside the web pages of most products, there are some structured data to help search engines have a better comprehension of the details of the products. This tool uses the same details to retrieve the product's images, so it should work on the majority of websites.

More questions?

If you have more questions or suggestion to improve this tool, feel free to write an email at luca@ooakfinder.com. I'll be happy to answer!